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Overview: Film London Panel


Following their participation in Microschool, the film-making teams pitched their projects to a panel of experts before 2 projects were given the greenlight to go into production.

This project was given the go-ahead because we felt the team were confident with their ideas and knew how they would implement them.

Though a project with roots in social realism, we thought that it was energising and engaging and, crucially, it had a much more positive tone and inspiring message than most other projects you see set in a similar contemporary milieu.

The idea is based on the writer/director Eran Creevy’s teenage experiences. That personal touch came across in the pitch, the film-makers discussions about the film, and in the supporting material. The team also demonstrated that they were a close knit group that were building up a business together which was also important to us as part of our objective to help build businesses and meaningful collaborations, not just ‘marriages of convenience’.

We look forward to releasing Shifty in the UK on 24 April 2009.

Still from Shifty
Still from Shifty