Lilting opens Sundance World Dramatic Competition Ben Whishaw and Cheng Pei Pei in Lilting

Hong Khaou’s Lilting will have its World Premiere on the opening night of the 30th Sundance Film Festival! It is showing in the Festival’s World Cinema dramatic competition from 16-24 Jan 2014.

Borrowed Time - Insights Borrowed Time Quad

Out in cinemas from Friday 13 September, We talked to writer/director Jules Bishop and Producer Olivier Kaempfer about the process of making their charming comedy drama Borrowed Time, starring Phil Davis (Whitechapel, Vera Drake) and Theo Barklem-Biggs (The Inbetweeners Movie). For more information, visit their website

Behind the Release - Borrowed Time Phil Davies in Borrowed Time

Olivier Kaempfer, Producer of Borrowed Time, outlines the ethos behind their Direct Distribution release, and the influence of Ted Hope’s Artist2Entrepreneur programme on the creation of their unique strategy.

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